Firstly, so sorry for the late post!

Connor won the tourney this week! woo

Next week's tourney will be 6vs6 lvl40 cap no legends.

Also you all may have noticed we have nurses, ev training, and the move tutors back! If you haven't been there, the warps are:
/warp ev
/warp nurses
/warp movetutors

Hope you're all enjoying the server!
We have updated to Beta 9 and so far so good. All should be working more efficiently and more bug free.

Enjoy guys!
Phantom_Bas won this week's tournament.

Next week's will be held on 16/09/16 at 11pm BST [GMT+1]. It will be 3vs3 lvl100cap Gen 2 pokemon.

Good Luck!

Most have noticed the shop looks a bit different? Hopefully in a good way lol!

This shop is 100% bug free unlike the previous, there is currently a 10% off sale going on for a week. Expect more sales and coupons etc. We were not able to do that on the previous shop and it work properly like it use too. I know some of you who have been here for a long time know I like to do sales on major holidays as well as special events. Well it's back!

Enjoy guys.
We have updated to 5.0.0 Beta 7 1.10.2. Sadly we were not able to use the map, due to the ridiculous lag.

It was determined that the old map was the cause. So with that being said, your money, tokens, and pokemon were saved, everything else is sadly gone.

With some better news, pixelextras etc is working now perfectly a long with others that were not previously working.

I am sorry guys but this needed to be done, thanks for those that have stuck in there with us and continue to support us!

With the changes to the map:
If you are wanting to battle a gym, all of the gym leaders are listed in the spawn area and they will be willing to battle you in the arena in spawn when you ask.
Warp nurses will return ASAP, and kits will be fixed ASAP also.
Sorry for the inconvenience.