I know there has been quite a few changes recently, trust me when I say that I am just as much tired of changing things as I know you all are in-game.

We are finally coming to getting all the changes over with for the most part.

The last and biggest change that is active as of now is our new protection system

We are now using grief prevention, which is the golden shovel.
All you need is a golden shovel and right click on 1 corner of your land then the opposite and it does everything for you!

Land protect is in for now until we get mostly everything protected with the new system.

You start out with 1000 claim blocks and you get 200 per hour logged in to use to protect whatever you like!
Hey guys we were having a lot of lag issues recently and we shut down the server on August 25th at 8pm EST for maintenance. During the time we thought the problems were only going to take a few minutes to solve and however once we did that EVERY thing broke. So here is a short list of what has changed and we are sorry that this has happen, any questions/problems contact a staff member on discord or on here (discord would be better) So here is the list of sadness :(

-Economy (the thing the broke everything) : The initial problem was the econ and we were telling people to take screenshots for when we change over. The economy was wiped due to us switching over the plugin. Now the MONEY that you had we will NOT be refunding, even with screenshots. It was just a thing the staff decided so we can start everything new.

-Tokens: Tokens was also reset and the same with the money we will NOT be refunding the tokens lost sadly, we will have staff doing some events to win tokens for the loses. (However a rule into this is that if you bought tokens on the website you may receive them back just message us about it)

And now the BIG loses..

-Claims: During the Econ switch it wiped our claims files and the saves that we had, we are trully sorry for this and we urge you to get on ASAP. If you lost a home due to trolling, over claiming, Critic jumping on top of it with a ballon, etc we can't sadly do much about it. If you have a screenshot of u building the house or whatever or some type of proof we can try to talk it out and see what we can do about getting your place back.

-Perms/Ranks: the Pex that had everyone's perms/ranks was updated and we lost everything so if you had a rank/perm please contact me or Lauren or any other admin to help assist you to get those things back.

Again guys we are sorry for that had happen and we are trying to fix everything if you see any problems or again have questions please contact us on discord or on here
Thank you for your time and...
They are working again!

/pokebuilder and /pokemove are back in action.

Doing /tokens you will see you have your previous balance.
okanero was the winner of the tourney this week.

next weeks tourny will be at 5pm us central time (2 hours past the normal time) ((11pm BST (GMT+1))) the rules are any first-evolution Pokemon lvl 100cap, no legendary Pokemon except mew and celebi are allowed. no Pokemon without an evolution allowed either.
Hey guys, we have updated, the PixPack is updated as well.

With this update, there are some things that don't work as of now.

Pokebuilder, evs/ivs, pc, pshout, and wondertrade. There may be a few more, once the Pixelmon devs update the sidemods, they will be working again.

Try to keep in mind, anyone on this version which is most servers, have to do without these as well. It is not just us. Just try to be patient as I am sure they will come soon!